About Us

A little about us cousins, Allison age 18, Julie age 15 and Marianah age 12.

About Allison~
   I love... My Savior Jesus, my amazing family, sweet friends, sunshine, the guitar, lazy summer afternoons, running, singing, cool early mornings, music, my kitty, adventures, inspiring books, swimming in the river, star gazing, paddling the canoe, hymns, clear autumn days, poetry, trees, our home, tomatoes, learning, sketching, handwritten letters, gardening, sweet tea on the back porch, the lost, the hurt, the lonely, long drives down dirt roads, laughter, blueberry jam, windows, little children, sewing, dancing in the rain, baklava, church history, love, languages, joy, aspiring to live in Jesus' love and sharing that love with others.

                                                                                    About Julie~
   I love... new hair styles, nature, animals, all sports, family, night time, rain, taking pictures of everything, having fun with my cousins and friends, ridding horses, taking care of little kids, reading, listening to all kinds of music, taking walks, ridding roller coasters, camping, playing all instruments, singing with my sister and cousin, swimming, math, baking, banana bred, making new crafts, making head bands, toms, helping others, listening and spreading the word of God, writing, spending the day in a barn with farm animals, dogs, painting, coloring, black and white pictures, trees, spending the day looking at the clouds in the middle of a pasture, and flowers.

About Marianah~
   I love... All my cousins, my sister, my brothers, my parents, my aunts, my uncles, camping, reading, singing, home made pancakes, fields of wheat, and waking up to a world blessed by God.

We hope you enjoy our little journal of the joy's of girlhood.

Blessings all!

The Three Cousins